Terms and Conditions

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Dolphin Bay

Terms and Conditions


For safety reasons, children must be accompanied by an adult; Except in the case of groups of children (schools, atl, associations …) where the minimum ratio is one adult responsible for every 10 children.


 Passengers with special needs, with temporary or permanent physical disability (sensory or motor disabilities, mental or other disability) must be properly accompanied by a caregiver during the event.


 Wheelchairs and non-electrical equipment can be moved manually on board the vessel.


 All our vessels have the necessary safety equipment required by law.


 All vessels are inspected and certified by the competent authorities.


 Dolphin Bay has all insurance required by law, including passenger protection insurance.

Payment Conditions

Prices may vary depending on the season. High season: June to September; Low season: October to May.


 Bookings for private events, with the boat on an exclusive basis, are considered as reserved after the payment of 20% of the service total price.


 The 80% left of the booking, must be paid up to 7 days before the service date (payment effective and available within this period). Only then booking will be considered effective.


 Reservations for other regular tours or services are only considered effective after 100% of the service has been paid.

Cancelation Policy

If the payment conditions are not respected, Dolphin Bay has the right to cancel the service, without any compensation and/or refund to the customer.


 For facts that are not attributable to us, such as weather conditions, for security reasons, or for other reasons beyond our control, Dolphin Bay reserves the right to cancel any service, guaranteeing the customer a credit for the value of the event or service paid out.


For the “Dolphin Watching” tour to take place, a minimum of 7 adult participants is required. In case the minimum number of participants is not reached, we may have to reschedule the tour and / or proceed with the respective return.


Booking for private events:


Booking cancellations or changes up to 7 days before the event:

  • refund of the full amount in case of cancellation;
  • or respective in case of changes;

Cancellation between 7 days and up to 72 hours before the event:

  • refund of 50% of the total amount in case of cancellation, or 50% of the value of service changes;

Cancellation within 72 hours prior to the event, Dolphin Bay retains 100% of the service value, with no refund.


Individual bookings for regular services:


 Cancellation with full refund up to 24 hours before the service.


Always try to use clothing suitable for the service day, depending on climate conditions.


Prioritize using of anti slippery and comfortable shoes.


 Always use protection for your head and skin like a good suncream and cup.

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